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S.O.S Chapter Four
Chapter four
The Fake sound of Progress
A broken man sat in an office 20 floors from the ground. It had been raining for the past few weeks. Funny, he thought, even the weather was mourning her. The doors were locked, although it wasn't necessary. Even though the sign stated clearly the meetings started at ten (punctually, the sign said, anyone caught late must buy the first rounds of coffees for the group. And that was one large group of people) the man had been there since seven in the morning. Why? Because he didn't want to face the house. Didn't want to face his family. The man was Charlotte Delice's father, and a few days ago he had been informed via post that his daughter had been kidnapped.
At home, the mother had thought it weird that her daughter had not been in touch for a while, but dismissed it as the text message she sent not long before she departed to Japan. That, and being busy with Louis and his regular food throwing and table dribbling habits. Now, she beat herself up
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 1 3
Now, before I start this, I wish to make things clear. The following is a script based on the comic 'Werewolf' written by werewolf39. Neither the characters, settings or plot are my own, they are written as per the comic mentioned above. No, I am not stealing work, Werewolf39 has asked me to do this as a favor to her as both a friend and a creative writer. Just to make it clear I do NOT own anything about this script except the laptop which I am typing this with. ALL CREDIT FOR THIS GOES TO THE BRILLIANT WEREWOLF39!!!!
So without further ado…
I give you…
HALLOWEEN – A Werewolf39 Production!!
[The setting starts in Galway, Ireland. It's October 31st, a few years ago. Rain is lashing down onto a dark and spooky mansion. As lightening strikes above the mansion, we see inside the house where a male werewolf, Dallis, and a female werewolf, Sky are sitting at a table painting their nails. Dallis is shown as a light wolf with bright orange fur and yellow hair. Sky has bright blue fur and long
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 4 21
S.O.S Chapter Three
The taste of defeat.
Did you know that when a person suffers with their eyesight, their other senses automatically become stronger to make up for it? Imagine how powerful your other senses muse be if you were completely blind. Now logically, all of your senses would firstly increase over time of use and secondly increase at the same time.  However, Charlotte was not at all use of using any of her senses other than her sight, which is what her downfall was in the first place. Hopefully now, with her locked in the dark with a blindfold on, she'll learn to use her other senses to get her out of the situation before it becomes too late.
If she had used her sense of sight when she wasn't blindfolded, she would have noticed a lot more than just the mirror. From her position, you could see all of the living room, including the wall behind her through the mirror and part of what I believe is a joint bathroom and bedroom. The shackles that attached her to the wall were in fact a medie
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 2 12
Junior's funny shizzle!!
Me: - *Talking about Durarara* Oh my goodness i think Izaya is a dad, or at least related to the blonde kid...
Dad: - Who?
Mom: - No, its not in real life. Its on her laptop.
Dad: - *uninterested* oh...
Me: - Fine then, i'll talk to people who care!! *back on laptop*
Junior: - She's mad!! *pause* Does she give kisses?
Mom: - *playing with junior using a stuffed monkey toy* Give monkey a kiss!
*Junior backs away slowly*
Mom: - I'm putting monkey to bed now, give him a goodnight kiss! *Makes monkey walk towards junior*
Junior: - *Literally runs for his life up moms other arm away from monkey terrified* O-O-oh!!! I-It's coming!!
Mom: - *Gestures to junior* Get up now, i need a wee wee
Junior: - A wee wee?
Mom: - Yes, a wee wee.
Junior: - Smelly!!
Mom: - Thanks!! What, do you expet me to do it here?
Junior: - Yes!!
Junior: - Junior's a pretty boy!
Mom: - Who is?
Junior: - Me!
Mom: - Bighead!!
Junior: - Yes!
*Dad farts*
Mom: - Ew!! What do we say Junior?
*Junior stare bl
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 2 1
Mature content
A Harsh World chapter four :iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 0 0
Mature content
Hometruths to defrost your heart - rap :iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 0 0
Chips and a drink, if you could be so kind.
[Nothing interesting happens much. That is until...
Me: - *nervously* Can I have salt with that please?
Dinner lady: - Sure!! *hands over packet*
Me: - *walking away* (showing emotions of confusement, amazement, anticipation and joy. Yes, all just for salt.)
And now to the present day. Or, to be more precise, 12.35pm this afternoon.]
Me: - *rushing into canteen. Present are my friends Shizune*, Alex, Terrence who doesn't talk much throughout and Montel.  Mia is in the queue and will join us later.* HEY GUYS!!!
Everyone: - *says greeting*
Me: - Guess what!!!???
Everyone: - *ignores*
Me: - *shouts* OI!!! *everyone murmurs* I has chips!! *everyone stops talking* WITH SALT!!!! *everyone looks up* Anyone want some??
*Everyone grabs a handful, saying how good they are. The following is general events of what I can remember, but never the less true*
Shizune: - These are really nice chips!!
Montel and Terrance: - Yeah.
Me: - Would you like some Alex?
Alex: - Oh my god, someb
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 1 0
S.O.S Chapter Two
To see, to believe.
It turns out the taxi drivers name was Damien, ironically. His story is, quite surprisingly, a simple one. Damien is an only child, who grew up as an orphan due to his parents' death.  To be completely honest, he didn't mind the fact that when he was put up for adoption, his parents didn't come and visit him like other kids did, as he understood from a very young age what had happened to his parents. He was young and, for a while, he was innocent. However, apparently parents of the day didn't go for shy and innocent, they went for personality. So Damien was lonely for a while, as children tend to become without family and friends surrounding them regularly. This may have something to do with his problems later on in life, but it's not the main cause.
I believe the main cause came years later, in secondary school, when the children used to bully him for his lack of good possessions. He couldn't afford basic things that other children had, such as clothes fo
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 1 5
Asda interview script
[Hey there fellow deviants,
As you may or may not know, I recently applied to work for ASDA!!
Weirdly enough, this interview involved us acting out an on-the-spot scene in which we had to advertise a product on the shelves at ASDA.
Now while this was all well and good and everything, even my mom said this was the weirdest and pointless interview ever.
However, it gave me some funny assed shizzle for n here. So here it is the full shebang of the script which we created to advertise... can you guess what it is???]
*partner one sits at home, drinking an incoherent drink*
Partner one: - mmm that is one good drink!!
*there is a knock at the door*
Partner: - Oh! There seems to be someone at my door!! [Obvious cheese on toast here]
*enters person number two*
Partner 2: - alright mate??
Partner 1: - yeah are you?
Partner 1: - phwoar!! What's that smell??
Partner 2: - Oh it's just my drink mate.
* Partner 3 and I pop up out from hiding under pieces of paper, holding a box of.... Peppermint tea
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 0 7
A Harsh World chapter 3
A Harsh World chapter three
The unlucky life of one young unfortunate teenage girl
I had one of those dreams again.
Ireland. How I missed it. I dreamt I walked across the land, so green and full of life. Nature was everywhere, the call of danger echoing off cliff top to cliff top, the smell of damp soil making me shiver. Birds chirped down from the gray/blue sky, with a beautiful view of the white foam of the water below. Kneeling down, the grass was as soft as I remembered. My favorite picnic spot hadn't changed one little bit. Blueberry bushes lined the path which spiraled down to a white cottage covered in ivy. I picked one off the bush, fresh and ripe. It was just like summer. And it tasted so good. Not as good as my mama's cooking; nothing could taste as good as that. But it brought back so many memories which filled my eyes with tears. I missed every bit of Ireland, yes even the wet dreary weather and the cold. I yearned for that most of all.
Guys, I had come home.
The last time
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 0 0
The simple analysis of an old friend
Hey you,
Was it just me,
Or did that hatred in your eyes grown even more
At the sight of me living my life in your world?
Or was it just that i was happy that infuriated your already red hot soul?
Get used to it.
I'll be moving on soon.
And, trust me, we'll both be happier
at the thought of me leaving this hellhole i grow fond of, and becoming an excited small fish in an extremely big foreign ocean.
My life awaits me.
Goodbye, small one.
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 1 5
Payback to a certain troll part two by kandykitten1994 Payback to a certain troll part two :iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 0 2 Payback to a certain troll part one. by kandykitten1994 Payback to a certain troll part one. :iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 0 2
Football poem
Kicking the ball to and fro,
Playing a game everyone should know.
Making you laugh, making you smile,
Footballs the game you should play for a while.
Imagine watching it live, your favourite team,
Standing in a crowd, watching the scoreboards gleam.
Someone passes a ball, gets ready to strike,
The celebrations, your team has won the cup
The best day of your life, everything's looking up!!
Parties and fun, proud your team's won
You know watching football is loads of fun!
Playing it is just as good
Kicking a ball around like you should
Pretending you're pro, pass the ball to your mate
Who cares if you miss? Don't hate, appreciate!!
Wish I could play, because I know how
But it's raining outside, why does it have to be now
But the rains gonna clear, and then its time
To play football and end this rhyme!!
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 3 13
Nateyboy acrostic poem
Nateyboy entered fluffy puffy fifi's competition not so long ago
And since he won here's a poem to show what he's like you know
Talented, awesome and cool, what i see him to be
Even the bright homepage shows he has style obviously
You should check out his art, its amazingly cool
Brilliant even, personally it doth rule
Oh natey if you're watching, sorry this poem ish crap
Yeah i shall spare you the terror of this now finished scrap!!
The moral? WATCH THIS DUDE!!!!!! link in description
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 0 21
George, my Teddy Bear best friend
Life is lonely a lot of the time
So I made this special rhyme
Which I really want to send
About George, my teddy bear best friend
We met one day at a shop in town
He looked up as I looked down
He was stuffed in a box, like they didn't care
About George, my best friend teddy bear
I saw him smile though no one else could
So I promised I'd buy him like I knew I would
Soon we were together with no end
Me and George my teddy bear best friend
George has big brown eyes and a cream colored nose
And thick fur that ran from his head to his toes
Ginger, brown black and creamy fair
That was George, my best friend teddy bear
Life was unfair when you're so alone
But I always had George when I found my way home
He would listen when I had secrets to share
My best friend George who was a teddy bear
He made my laugh he made me cry
Other people would watch and wonder why
We both had personalities that did blend
Me and George my teddy bear best friend
But one day when I came home from school
Feeling like
:iconkandykitten1994:kandykitten1994 3 17


AVPM by MuffinCutie AVPM :iconmuffincutie:MuffinCutie 70 8 AVPM poster by zersen AVPM poster :iconzersen:zersen 1,222 244 AVPM Snape by ragweed AVPM Snape :iconragweed:ragweed 1,246 122 Leak Ireto and Alice by Valicitor Leak Ireto and Alice :iconvalicitor:Valicitor 2 0 Pirsse by Mike-the-dabbler Pirsse :iconmike-the-dabbler:Mike-the-dabbler 28 7 Oculpus by Mike-the-dabbler Oculpus :iconmike-the-dabbler:Mike-the-dabbler 3 0 Dark Love by Alkarah Dark Love :iconalkarah:Alkarah 19 12
President Lincoln and I
If a shot rings out in a forest and no one is around to hear it, he asks me, will someone still end up dead?
New shoes line his hallway by the door, pink stilettos and jet black loafers.
The car won’t start and never seems to start, yet he never takes it as a sign.
The clock strikes twelve and we’re on the way to the theatre again.
We’re driving and he says Jacqueline Kennedy isn’t dead because he saw her just the other day.
Static blasts from the radio as the car hums against the countryside backdrop.
The car doors won‘t open and never seem to open, yet he never takes it as a sign.
The previews last for years and the sour blue gumdrops make his mouth quiver.
Laughter echoes in the theatre, and though no one is around to hear it, someone still ends up dead.
Never mind, he declares halfway through, the Jacqueline Kennedy he saw was a fake.
:iconirrelephantlovesyou:Irrelephantlovesyou 7 4
Izaya's Valentines Day
If the over-abundance of pink and red decorations littering the streets wasn’t enough to inform people of the date then I wasn’t sure what it would take. I’m not even sure on why I bothered to set out today. Valentine’s Day was a day I avoided at all costs, even back when I was in Raira. Though back then I avoided it because so many girls wanted me to accept their chocolate. Why can’t they understand my love for humans is both unilateral and platonic? I cannot favour one particular human over the other, for it would be unfair. A God should love all his humans equally, no exceptions. Well no exceptions regarding humanity anyways.
There is one exception to that rule and that is only because he is not human, well I don’t see him as human at least. Shizuo Heiwajima is his name, though I like to call him Shizu-chan much to his chagrin.  He is the very definition of violence and it’s proven on an almost day-to-day basis. I will admit that I defi
:iconpastelcoulson:PastelCoulson 16 6
Once in a harvest moon, a wayward star falls from the sky, causing your vision goes sideways and the grayscale life you've led up to that point erupts into a shower of colors. You stagger to the bar on those nights, the always-empty dive off the road where car crash crosses mark unburied graves, and order a drink. No matter the spirit, it always tastes sweet on your lips, but not as sweet as the girl you always watch but never see in the corner of the bar. A beautiful disaster in a torn dress with glossy blue eyes, the type of girl you end up throwing yourself at, drunkenly stumble into her warm lips. They are a sweet mistake, and she is a sweet mistake, but you are feel too tired and feel too right in her arms to care. You waste away the night, and you are wasted the next day, drunk now from her beauty instead of cheap wine. For she is intoxicating, ravaging, and several times over you wish it to end, but then always your vision goes sideways and the world explodes into fireworks, and
:iconirrelephantlovesyou:Irrelephantlovesyou 4 0
cosplay picture by thewaves4lifegirl cosplay picture :iconthewaves4lifegirl:thewaves4lifegirl 3 2 Mystic Moon by bluedragoneye Mystic Moon :iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 9 6 Dark Side Of Death by bluedragoneye Dark Side Of Death :iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 11 14


You an truly sense the emotion between these characters. The vibrant colours are beautiful, and the general scenario is amazing. They l...


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But it should seem that way the amount of long vacations i take away from this site!!

I apologise for not writing sooner. (not that anyone cares) but now, since KK has now got a new lappytoppy she can now start writing more regularly yaaaay.

I've also started writing things on the official fanfiction website. I dont really want to publish what i write on there on here as 1, its on a different site already and people may confuse me re-writing both works on two different sites as copyright, and 2, because the work on here is original and the work on there is... well... otherwise!!

So... you know.

Pairings on fanfiction: - Hary/Sirius black (Harry Potter) (writing atm)
Pairings I WANT to write about: - Lister/Rimmer (Red Dwarf)
                                             Cat/Kryten (Red Dwarf)
                                             Harry/Snape (Harry Potter)
                                             Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter)
                                             Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)
                                             11thDoctor/Rory (Doctor Who)
                                             Merlin/Arthur (Merlin)
                                             Honeydew/Xephos (Minecraft - Shadow Of Israphel)
                                             Simon/Lewis (Real life Shadow Of Israphel)
                                             Italy/Germany (Hetalia)
                                             Japan/Greece (Hetalia)
                                             Britain(England)/USA (Hetalia)
                                             Itachi/Sasuke (Naruto)
                                             Naruto/Sasuke (Naruto)
                                             Gaara/sasuke (Naruto)
                                             Gaara/Naruto (Naruto)
                                             Temari/Shikamaru (Naruto)
                                             L/Light (Death Note)
                                             Matsuda/Light (Death Note)
                                             Shizuo/Izaya (Durarara!! This is a maybe as I may leave the expert herself to write the Shizaya fanfics, and if i do it will only be a short one, not full frontal ones like her)
                                             Shinra/Celty (Durarara!!)
                                             Mikado/Anri (Durarara!!)

No doubt the list will grow and half of these will never be written

I WAS typing up S.O.S chapter four... when it got DELETED!!!!!!!

So... that will be delayed.

Lack of inspiration nowadays, may need help lol. Never asked before (note, reviews are NOT help, they're constructive criticism. This is a totally different type of help)

Ah well, see ya soon!!
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First and most importantly...

:bulletred: :iconfluffy-puffy-fifi: For holding Kiribans and giving points to the less fortunate - Happy to help you out for as long as i possibly can ^.^

:bulletorange::iconwerewolf39: Thank you for putting in your status about my series stories, i'm sure it'll help sooo much.

:bulletyellow: :icondw817: He's stories will touch your heart and he's helped with lots of feedback to my stories. True mate of mine.

:bulletorange: :iconlove-the-name-lily: With the poems for the children in hospitals, hardly anyone suggested anything. This chick sent me comment after comment with ideas and i'm pretty sure she still have tons for spare. She deserves a thank you!!

:bulletred: :iconthatcanonkid: For all her work with the children in hospitals, trying to raise money, she should have a place here. DONATE PEOPLEZ!!!

ok the profile bit...

Hi lo!!! Forget the name that's above, i'd appreciate it if you called me my username, or KK, which i've kinda grown accustomed to answering to and actually like now!! <3

Welcome to the page! Firstly you'll notice my page isn't some well decorated random bright page, which is a pity because i'd love that. This is because i'm not an artist. I am in fact a creative writer, whether i'm good or bad is your opinion. I write because it's one of the things i've done most of my life, and one of the few things that i love doing more than chocolate. (which is in fact a shock, chocolate is AMAING!!)

I plan to go to Uni to study English and Creative writing, in some way shape or form. But thats not for another year and whatever months, so right now i'm focusing about college, and having fun, and doing what i love :D

Creative writing story ideas: -

ANOTHER ONE OF THEM BORING FIELD TRIPS!!! He was a boy, she was a girl, completely different lives that they led but nevertheless both alive. A trip to see the phantom of the opera ruins their lives forever. This isn't a love story, it's a story of complete strangers united at their demise.

:bulletyellow: Chapter one: - Main characters are introduced, the prologue commences!

:bulletyellow: Chapter two: - Backgrounds are planned, the characters live!

(Note - This series has been temporarily put on hold, however i will return in the near or distant future.)

A Harsh World cover by kandykitten1994
A HARSH WORLD!! The year is 2020, and things have changed since before century commences. Thats what everyone wants you to think. In a harsh world like our own, we still have discrimination against races, sexualities and class systems. This story circulates on the five characters that suffer more than the rest, that have their lives thrown together, and how they may just fall apart.

:bulletred: Chapter one: - Three weeks, two opinions, one phone call

:bulletblue: Chapter two: - Lord, when you've sorted out my life, please let me know

:bulletpink: Chapter three: - The unlucky life of one unfortunate young teenage girl…

:bulletblack: Chapter four: - The Unspeakable acts of a sucessful businessman…

S.O.S SENSES, OUR SALVATION!! Charlotte Delice, Lottie to friends and relatives. She wanted to see Japan so badly, but she lost the chance. One guy risks her life for her families money, and her own body. No one knows she's in trouble, and only her sense can get her out.

:bulletpurple: Chapter one: - A Senseless Introduction

:bulletpurple: Chapter two: - To See, To Believe

And now for the moaning bit. If you're reading this, I really love writing, i do, so no doubt i won't stop writing soon. This means my deviantart account will always be updated with new stories poems songs or scripts. Since this is the case, please please please please PLEASE!! feel free to watch me, comment on my work with improvements. I'm not nor will i ever be on a premium membership, and because of this i can't write 'critique needed' on my work. I DIDN'T THINK I HAD TO!!

Help me improve my work, and if i haven't already, I'll bless you with a llama!! I may even view your work, and if it's a series, anticipate the next addition!!

Points are good. Feel free to donate. I could help others. Also, if anyone knows just how exactly i can buy points with UK currency, comment below.
Gimme points and i'll...

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50 = 20 + 18 + llama +
50 = anything possible!

Teehee. Thats all for now. Anything else, just ask. I wont bite.



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